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Brian Henry has been in business for over 15 years and has been privileged to produce videos for people from all walks of life. His ability to capture moments and make memories of these precious times is a skill he has mastered over the past 21 years.

You can always tell a Brian C. Henry production (B.C.H. Production). It carries a style that's very uniquely his: simple, elegant, peaceful, sometimes humorous. But the true art of Brian Henry is not only the videos he produces but the producer himself. The video is one thing but the experience is another. If you ever get the chance, consider it an opportunity to be videotaped or photographed by Brian Henry.

" When I shoot a wedding, bar mitzvah or coporate event, there are no absolutes. I don't preconceive what I will do. I have the ability to access human nature and how it will best be represented in the images that I portray". "I love the interaction that families bring to the shoot and thrive on capturing the special moment on that day in the life of a bride."

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